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    You can see what can be exchanged for the points in the "Gifts" menu.
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    Reserve a table quickly and easily -- there's no need to call!
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Promote yourself in Instagram

  1. Select hashtags

    Select hashtags used by your visitors, and you  will be able to see statistics on their use.

  2. Find users

    You will automatically follow each user who has used your hashtag.

  3. You have new followers!

    According to our statistics, from  30 to  40% of users will subscribe in response.

Satisfied customers

Rewarding your guests with points can be very helpful. Give gifts for points —and your visitors will have all the more reason to visit you again.

  • Write a post on Facebook
    +20 points
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App features

  • About

    Detailed information about your place

  • News feed

    Latest news from your Facebook business page

  • Rating

    Ratings and reviews from your clients

  • Favorites

    Allows your clients to add meals to favorites

  • Menu

    Let the clients see your offering

  • Delivery

    Get your business to the client's doorstep

  • Reservation

    Fast and easy way to make a reservation

  • Instagram Promotion

    Get more followers via Instagram

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Hostess application

  • Your hostess and administrators will have a wonderful tool —a separate application designed specifically for them.

  • You can easily fill out the map of your Hall —no more drawings in the margins!

  • Customer name, bill, phone number, and all the other necessary information is always at hand!

  • Timeline — an essential tool for planning the accommodations for your guests. Adding reservations from the application and website, and those made by  a call

  • We know how useful this product is, so we're making it available for free to all users of appmenu.me

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